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aloe and water-based personal lubricant - honey

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Honey, our water-based personal lubricant, is going to help you ditch the anxiety away and make you focus on what’s important: your pleasure. 💦

Honey is an aloe and water-based personal lubricant that has a pH-balanced, fragrance and paraben-free formula. Therefore, with such simple and pure ingredients, we have developed a product that won’t affect the vaginal pH balance while providing a longer-lasting and with the best natural lubrication sensation. In addition, the aloe serves as a small extra for your self-care.

Experience pure pleasure and self-care with Honey - your ultimate water-based and aloe personal lubricant.

Format : 4 oz / 118mL


Other lubes will feel cheap after trying it

You know adding lube to any sexual act increases a woman's chance of orgasm by 80%?

Solo or partnered, using a lube is a must to add new sensations and extend your pleasure. With a balanced pH, no gluten or sugar added, we developed a high-quality product that won't affect your vaginal balance, that can rejuvenate your skin, and have a deep moisturizing effect. Not tested on animals. Can be used to insert a menstrual cup.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
This lube got me into lube

This is great, got me needing lube all the time now. I used to not care so much for lube but now I couldn’t go without it. It doesn’t dry quickly, the ingredients are soft on my vagina, and I can use it with all my toy safely. I really appreciate the care for our vagina health.. too often companies don’t show much concern for feminine health. Feels nice to be considered here by peach and cream with their ph-balanced Lube. 🍯🧡

Best Lube Ever - Solo or Partnered

I think the title says it all. This is an amazing lubricant for use with solo or partnered pleasure. The pump cap is super convenient and keeps playtime tidy while the lube itself is super slippy, smells great (nothing strong or intense) and lends itself to lots of fun. Whether you're using it with just hands, toys or your partner, this is the only lube I'll use from now on.

Best I've ever had!!

After trying many brands of lubes and many different types (water, sillicone, I can finally say I've found the one!! This lube is amazing! Not at all sticky, doesn't smell weird, doesn't dry up AND you don't need to use a lot at a time. I've never going back to other lubes!!

Alexandra Gagnon
Finally a lubricant safe to use !

Looove it ! Packaging is adorable, smell is yummy but natural, balance PH and made by a compagny based in Mtl 🫶 Only thing is because it's water based, it dries a little more quickly but still enjoy using it.

Taj Jada Willis
Best lube ever

I'LL SCREAM IT from the mountaintops as many times as I have to: BEST LUBE EVER Your bedroom should have a bottle of lube!Whether you're flying solo or with a copilot(s), too much friction is a bad time for everyone. Even if it doesn't seem like you need a lubricant, trust me you will hihi🧡